About Sam Azgor

About Sam Azgor

Yes, I am the Sam Azgor, an ordinary blogger from Bangladesh. There is no need to introduce myself, as you already know about me. Along with study i am a blogger. Even though i’m not a professional web developer or designer , i like to be & i’m learning it day by day :P.
I’ve started blogging in 2010, it was a Bengali language blog. In April 2012, i switched to English for non-bengali people.
The blog sam.azgor.com was hosted on blogger.com, a free hosting service. In June 27th 2013, I’ve moved this blog from Blogspot to WordPress 3.6. The blog is currently hosted on Namecheap, and the domain is also registered through there.
The blog you are reading here right now is a personal technology blog. I maintain all the stuff with some of my guest writers. On this blog I mainly focus on SEO, Marketing, Development, Computer etc tutorial, tips and tricks. All i care about the user experience. I continuously posted helpful article for beginners.
People usually confused for the home button of this site :D. Actually i think you can easily go back to home page by clicking at the header.
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