Don’t want a post to be appeared on the front/ Category/ Tag/ Author page or feed? Learn how to hide a specific WordPress post from home page. Cos’ You might like to filter few posts to be displayed.

Hide A Specific WordPress Post From Home Page

If you run your blog on WordPress, you may have known that most recent posts are displaying in reverse format on the home page or front page of your site. It has done by default for WP or Blogspot or Tumblr etc most of the blogging platform. And if you want a static page or a single page as your home page, it is easily done by assigning the front Page and the blog page from -

Administration > Settings > Reading panel

But this time we are going to see how to shows off a specific post or multiple form the front page of your blog. The reason may be you don’t want an ineffective post to be display. Or may be you want to show only the important article which is helpful for readers. You might like to hide post for your feed reader but want the post display for blog readers etc.

How to hide a post from front page

Hiding posts from showing up on the front page can be done by placing some codes in your themes. On the other hand some of the themes has ability to control the post appearance. But we are going to do it by a plugin. If your theme has this kind of option, you may not need to use the plugin.

Instruction: Show/Hide Posts

  • Download the plugin from – WP Hide Post.
  • Or Remote install from your blog. Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

Active the plugin and a new options will appear in the right side when you create a new post or edit older post (See the following screenshot). Mark the options you want to enable and update your post.

Hide A Specific WordPress Post From Home Page

That’s it.

I hope this article will work for you.

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