DigitalOcean, Inc. or in short DO is a US based cloud infrastructure provider that provisions VPS for software developers (Wikipedia). If you’re reading my article which means you are interested in Virtual Private Server and specifically in DigitalOcean. So, in this article i’ll show how you can get 10 months free SSD cloud server from DigitalOcean. It’ll save you a lot and if you are newbie you can learn vps, linux, cloud hosting etc with these credits.

10 months of free VPS Hosting at DigitalOcean

How to get 50$ Credit of DigitalOcean:

In order to get the coupon you will need to be a student aged 13+ and You must have new DO account with new billing address. It means your Credit Card or PayPal must not used in digitalocean account before. If you already have account on DigitalOcean, the coupon will not work.

  1. First create a new account on Digital Ocean. Use my affiliate and get 10$ credit immediately. Click Here.
  2. Now verify email & complete your user profile on DO, And add Credit Card or deposit minimum 5$ via PayPal if you don't have CC. It's required in order to activate DO account.
  3. Now create a new account on GitHub. if you already have github account, you can use it. Please complete your GitHub profile (optional). It'll present you as a real person.
  4. Now go to GitHub Education and click on the Request Discount button. Fillup your info and select I don't have a school-issued email in the "Verify academic status" section if you don't have .edu or like email. Next, upload a scan copy of your school, college or university ID card, academic transcript, other official proof of enrollment to show your current studentship and age 13+.
  5. Now wait for one-two days, GitHub will email you with a confirmation. Next visit "get your pack" page and scroll down to the DigitalOcean - Hurrah! you've successfully get the Fifty Dollar Promo Code of DigitalOcean.
  6. Now again login to DigitalOcean account and go to Setting > Billing tab to apply coupon. If you see some error appearing on that page, don't worry about that. Just simply click on support tab and tell them about your github coupon code 50$ of DigitalOcean. They'll adjust the credit to your account .

As a learner, GitHub Student Developer Pack will give you massive amount of free, useful & fantastic tools from best company like Atom - AWS - Bitnami - Crowdflower - DNSimple - GitHub - HackHands - DreamSpark - NameCheap - Orchestrate - Screenhero - SendGrid - Stripe - Travis CI - Unreal Engine

  • Atom: Direct access on the Atom website. If you haven't used Atom yet, you probably missed a lot of things. Try hack the code.
  • Get total $50-$115 AWS credit by joining AWS Educate program. You'll find promo code by accessing "unique link".
  • Bitnami: Run your favorite apps by single click on cloud server. You're getting 1 year of Business Plans, worth 49$ per month.
  • CrowdFlower: Software as a Service platform allows users to enriching, mining the data and Crowdsourcing the business. Student's signup link can be found on that page or Click Here.
  • DigitalOcean: VPS provider, built for developers. 50$ credit You already get, previously they're offering 100$ for students.
  • DNSimple: A managed domain name server service provider, offers DNS hosting, domain registration and SSL certificate. You'll get promo code of DNSimple, 2 years of Personal Plan.
  • GitHub: It is where people build software. Micro Account (5 private repositories included) for 2 years, will auto active worth $7 each month.
  • HackHands: Mentoring & Supporting platform for coders. So, you'll get $25 in platform credit.
  • DreamSpark: Microsoft's developer tools that supports technical education by provide software design and development tools.
  • Free domain .me and SSL for one year from NameCheap.
  • Orchestrate (Database as a Service) Developer account until you have studentship.
  • SendGrid - Email infrastructure as a service. You'll get 15K free emails/month as long as you're a student!
  • Stripe - No transaction fees on your first $1000 in revenue processed.
  • Travis CI - Testing your open source project. As a student, you can run 100 free builds per month on Travis CI.
  • Unreal Engine (game development tools) - Direct access to Unreal Engine 4 for free as long as you're a student.

Now-a-days, DO is publicly offering 10$ credit for new user. But here is my trick for 50 dollar promo, though it’s very old news (Announced late 2014) but the deal is some of us still searching for opportunity to get his/her website on own domain up and running for free!

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