How To Access Blocked Site Like YouTube from Bangladesh or Pakistan

Access Blocked Site
Access Blocked Site

As you know recently YouTube has been banned in Bangladesh for the 2nd time in response to the anti Islamic video (“Innocence of Muslims“). So “How to access blocked websites” is a frequently asked question now-a-days. YouTube is one of a most popular video sharing site. In 2010 – 12, According to Alexa ranking YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. It has huge collections of multi category videos. We might need to visit YouTube for upload or watch videos, collecting resource etc. Here is some solutions to help you access YouTube, Vimeo etc video sharing sites or other web 2.0 sites that are banned or blocked in your school, college, office or by the government of your country. I know some of you already use these tricks and might be familiar with these kind of solutions.

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How to see YouTube in Bangladesh or Pakistan

There might be numerous methods to access blocked website. I tried some of these for YouTube but not worked properly except TOR. Here is how i watched YouTube’s video while it is blocked by Tor. You may try another free proxy server software.

How to access blocked site using tor:

  1. We have to download TOR. Click Here
  2. Run the application. A mozila browser will open. Do not close it.
  3. Change the proxy Setting.
    • We need to make change our browser proxy setting because flash player is not enabled in default tor browser. SOCKS Host and Port will available here – Edit -> Preferences -> Advenced -> Network -> Setting -> Manual Proxy Configaration. See The Image
    • Google Chrome: Click Setting -> Show Advanced Setting -> Chang Proxy Setting. Check Manual Proxy Configaration. See The Image
    • Mozila Firefox: Edit -> Preferences -> Advenced -> Network -> Setting -> Manual Proxy Configaration. See The Image
    • IE (internet explorer) go to file menu -> tools -> internet options, now click on the connections tab. Click “LAN Settings“, and configure.
  4. Ok, now we can access banned or blocked site. That’s it.
  5. Note: Tor is a SOCKS proxy, not an HTTP proxy.

Here is few ways you can bypass the restrictions:

  1. Use Cache: See These Images – Google, Yahoo, Bing
  2. Mobilized Version:
    • Google Mobile: – See Demo
    • Mowser: – See Demo
    • Others: You can find more, this kind of mobilized tools via search engine.
    • Mobile Version: (sometimes it works).
  3. Internet Archive – Wayback Machine: Archive.Org or Click Here.
  4. Anonymous Surfing: Browse the internet via Public Proxy server or Proxy In Browsers. You can also create your own proxy site.
  5. Coral Cache: Coral Content Distribution Network. Click Here, Wiki
  6. Use https:// instead of http:// (sometimes it works)
  7. By Google Translator –
  8. More will be added…..

I will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any. Use them at your own risk. Please check with your local authorities before using them.

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